Shapes, Islands and Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto.

Image of Shapes, Islands and Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto.

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The artist's book Shapes, Islands and Text presents three fundamental working tools for the art collective Garcia Frankowski in the form of a visual essay. Like a conceptual tryptique, they are three spheres of equal importance. The vademecum presents: Shapes that are explored through multiple strategies –from monochromatic paintings to collages of pure geometries; conceptualIslands that are not only independent from any all-absorbing discourse but that one next to each other constitute theoretical archipelagoes; and Texts that sometimes are pure form and other times are independent like islands in the ocean. Although having the capacity to function autonomously, once placed on the same space these tools have the potential to create new narratives. Garcia Frankowski's visual essay is accompanied by texts by Paula V. Álvarez and Sophie Salamon.

Garcia Frankowski is an art collective founded by Puerto Rican artist, architect, author and theorist Cruz Garcia (b.1983, San Juan) and French artist, architect, poet and theorist Nathalie Frankowski (b.1985, Dundee). Their work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the world, including at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Intelligentsia Gallery and PIFO New Art Gallery in Beijing, the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester and in shows in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Beijing, Paris, San Juan, Porto, Lisbon, Tokyo, Osaka, Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai, Helsinki, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Prague, Bratislava, Milan, and Los Angeles.

Publisher: Vibok Works, 2014.
Authors: Cruz García, Nathalie Frankowski.
Texts: Paula V. Álvarez, Sophie Salamon.
ISBN: 978-84-941464-7-3
Pages: 88
Size: 15x15 cm.
Illustrations: Color.
Language: English